Quality Service

Even if you start with great beans, but you don’t know something about brewing, it don’t mean beans. There we said it, the dreaded beans pun. Sue us.

Experience has taught us that when it comes to producing a world-class cup, you can’t just grind, brew and hope for the best.

We developed a five-point program to help our clients successfully brew premium coffee on a consistent basis. We call it…

The Five-Point Program to Help You Successfully Brew Premium Coffee on a Consistent Basis. After a number of complaints, we shortened the name - Coffee Care (otherwise known as CC) is designed to take the guesswork out of producing a great cup of coffee or espresso. Here are the five touchstones of our CC program:

1. Premium Beans
2. Customized water filtation systems
3. Brewing and extraction equipment
4. Certified training
5. Monthly equipment services


Coffee is about 98 percent water - if you want exceptional coffee it’s essential you have the right water. CC puts your water through a careful purification process that will ensure the correct mineral levels.

Water is one of the several variables that factor into making a great cup of coffee.

Equipment is another. Our Equipment line is comprised of the most advanced machines available and is customized to match your establishment and your budget. Plus it’s really shiny and sexy looking, always a plus.

Unfortunately, in the hands of a novice a $10,000 espresso machine is fully capable of producing a 10¢ cup of coffee. Would you throw the keys to your Ferrari to some wide-eyed teen who just got his permit? Thought not.

That’s why training is such an important feature of CC. We make sure your wide-eyed teens, er, employees, are educated in every facet of premium coffee preparation, including machine operation and maintenance.

And if all this isn’t good enough, we schedule monthly visits with our clients. Our certified technicians perform regular maintenance to ensure that every piece of machinery is delivering exceptional results. Should a problem ever arise, a technician will be on site immediately.

They really love their machines, our techs; constantly tinkering, tightening and testing as if the machines were the only things that give meanings to their lives. Yes, it’s sad and pathetic, but it means you never have to worry about your equipment.

There are two things that characterize LAMILL; an enduring obsession with coffee. And an enduring obsession with service, service, service. Technically that’s more than two things, but you get the drift.

Servicing our clients is of paramount importance to us. We understand that when you succeed, we succeed