Wonderfully fruited coffee with notes of berries and tart citrus.

Delivered in 12 oz resealable bag

Tasting notes:

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Cream
  • Jammy
Bean Style:
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Recommended for Drip

Origins: Ethiopia

Aside from its near-legendary status as the "birthplace"  of Arabica coffee, there is much to love about Ethiopia as a producing nation, including but not limited to the incredible diversity of flavor and character that exists among micro-regions, specifically within the southwestern Gedeo Zone of Yirgachefte within the region of Sidama. Coffee was literally made to thrive in the lush environment  Yirgacheffe's forests provide.

Natural Process, or “dry” process, is said to be the original processing method. The coffee cherries are dried with the beans inside. After drying is complete the dried cherry skin is removed and the coffee is ready to ship. Natural process tends to impart berry-like fruit tones and have less brightness in the cup.

Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties are mixed varieties native to Ethiopia. The government agency that regulates the coffee industry in Ethiopia does not want to divulge all the details of Ethiopian coffee in fear that another country may try to replicate it and create more competition.